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Inspirational Quotes

Inspirational Quotes
“The best part about being yourself is… There’s no competition…” No one can beat you at “being you”.. ~ Julius Minor


“Age is not measured by numbers but by mentality” ~ Julius Minor

Living the dream
“If your profession is doing what you love, Your not working, Your Living The Dream” ~ Julius Minor


“There’s a method to excellence, it called “productive habits”… ~ Julius Minor


Quotes To Live By


“Be Definitive” ~ Julius Minor


“You have to protect yourself, when your by yourself” ~ Julius Minor


The day you stop learning… is the day you die.. ~ Julius Minor

“To find the woman of your dreams… You must become the man of her dreams…” ~ Julius Minor


Three rules to follow when Karma strikes:
1: Survive
2: Learn from it…
3: Apply what you have learned and make it positive, productive and profitable… (The three “P’s”)… ~ Julius Minor


“It’s funny how you can hear what people think when they think you can’t hear them” ~ Julius Minor


If someone turns down your offer, whether it be business or personal… Their just not part of “your” Destiny… in that aspect… ~ Julius Minor


“One should never have problems to worry about… Only goals to focus on…” ~Julius

“Every garden has a Snake…” ~ Julius Minor


“Rats run in packs… just like Dogs…” ~ Julius Minor

“You can manifest anything you desire just by controlling your thoughts”~ Julius Minor


“Focus your Thoughts on positive ideas and create strategic detailed plans to bring them into reality” ~ Julius Minor


Positive Quotes About Life

“It’s amazing how powerful the mind can be, when used correctly…”~ Julius


Everyday is a good day… (Even when it’s not)… ~ Julius Minor

“The best part about having goals is… There’s always something to do…” ~ Julius Minor

“Some mistakes are created on purpose…” ~ Julius Minor

“Having fun, while being compensated for it… Imagine that…” Julius Minor


Amazing Quotes


“Money is perceived value created to buy back an illusion… Which is time…” ~ Julius Minor


“Some say good offense is great defense… I say, good defense is great Awareness…” ~ Julius Minor
self awareness


Pain is a myth… ~ Julius Minor

“The best part about Taking Action is… Paying some one else to do it for you…” ~ Julius Minor


“I don’t read books, I used them” ~ Julius Minor

Validation comes from within through embracing, accepting and loving our “authentic” selves… ~ Julius Minor

take action
“An Idea without action ain’t shit” ~ Julius Minor


“Creative and productive thinking is my favorite hobbie” ~ Julius Minor


I don’t look for anything… I stay “present”… and allow things to happen… Julius


 My Most Popular Quotes


I have a lot of things to accomplish before I Die… Getting pussy ain’t one of them… ~ Julius Minor


I purposely give myself “no” choice but to accomplish what I was design to be… My definitive purpose… ~ Julius Minor


“I value my TIME… So if I’m going to spend it with someone, I have to make sure she’s worth every DIME I lost that I could have made by utilizing my TIME productively…” ~ Julius Minor

“He who does not control his own THOUGHTS will forever be a SLAVE” ~ Julius Minor